Official Homepage Open Event💝

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KARA is my first kpop group as my ultimate bias🥰 I've tried a lot of 'first time' for KARA: streamed YouTube MVs, waited for 23:00 and 17:00 KST for teasers and MVs, bought kpop merchandises(remember those fans sold during every KARASIA in Japan?)... Memories flash back and I have a really great journey with KARA during my age of 16-27♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ My favourite part of KARA is, the five or six members have been go through my lifetime milestones together with me. During my parents divorced in 2011, KARA released 'STEP' to cheer me up. 'Bye bye happy days!' also released when I graduated from high school. I am proud to become a Kamilia! Therefore, I choose those three from all my favourite: favorite costume: Bye Bye Happy Days! School uniforms are the best❤️‍🔥 favorite album: Full Bloom. The members are really blooming after 6 years experiences. Much appreciated!!! favorite stage: Step. Every stages during the promotion of Step couraged me a lot! Once again, welcome back my queens and congratulations for the opening of your new homepage!
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